Website Maintenance

Are You Too Busy To Maintain Your Website?

We Offer Website Maintenance For Clients who are trying to focus more on their business and less on the technical stuff. 

Primary Web Solutions Website Maintenance Plugin And Update Services

Plugins & Theme Updates

Updating your plugins and themes can help your website perform at its best without any errors. By keeping up with all the current updates you will increase the security of your site by covering up any vulnerable and overall strengthen your site. The best part about updating your plugins and themes is having access to all the new features and functionality that comes with it.customers to fill out a contact form and be opted into your email list. Our email marketing experts will then construct email campaigns with compelling content that converts your email list into paying customers.

Minor Design Updates

We know that as time goes on new software’s and apps appear in the market, and obviously, you would like to take advantage of it once it comes out. We provide you with minor design update services to keep your website looking better than your competition.

Primary Web Solutions Website Maintenance Design And Updates
Primary Web Solutions Website Maintenance Speed Optimazation

Speed Optimization

It has been proven that websites with slower load times have lower odds of visitors interacting and converting. This is one, if not the most important thing to master when having a website. Regularly optimizing your site for speed can help you achieve your goal whenever a visitor comes to your website. Your bounce rate will go down and conversions go up!

Malware Removal

Website security is one of the most important things to have when ensuring a long Internet lifespan. Every day hackers get smarter and websites become vulnerable to potential attacks. Research shows that in a single day over 30,000 websites get hacked and that number is increasing. We offer a full-time security service to ensure that your website is fully protected to prevent it from any malware threats.

Primary Web Solutions Website Maintenance Malware Removal
Primary Web Solutions Website Maintenance Content Management

Content Management

With our content management service, we will oversee all of your sites current content and make sure that everything is up to date and organized. We will also see the current design structure and make sure that it is properly in the right sections in order to provide a great user experience. If you require fresh content, we offer content services that best fits your needs.